Mountain Book Cottage

Ups & Downs & Okra Picks

Life is so very, very good! I just attended the SIBA Spring Forum and had the opportunity to meet several of this year’s Okra Pick authors (Taylor Brown, Gina Kolata and Michael Knight) and a couple of prior Okra Pick authors (Joshilyn Jackson and Patti Callahan Henry) at the Spring Forum dinner.  I sat at the table with Joshilyn Jackson and she is absolutely delightful.  What a wit!  All of the authors were generous with their time and talent; they gave us all their latest books and signed them for us.  I will be talking more in depth about each of them in the coming weeks on the book-ish Facebook page, so check in often.


  • The lower level project to redecorate and update is almost done!
  • I ordered a large shipment of new books and they are arriving several times a week!
  • There are so many great books, especially by indie authors, coming out soon.  I have a lot of them on order.
  • I am close to scheduling several authors for book signing events.
  • I am finalizing several upcoming promotions, so stay tuned!
  • My TBR pile is monstrous…towering…so many great books to read…squeee!


  • The lower level project was to be done by now, so I am a little bummed because I am behind the schedule I had imagined.  It was a bit ambitious, but…still…
  • The off-season here in Cashiers is much slower than I anticipated.  It can be soul crushing.
  • I screwed up a customer’s order.  This made me really unhappy because I pride myself on delivering excellent customer service.  But I bombed on this one.  I hate disappointing people.
  • Although I have read approximately 12 books in the last two weeks, I still have not miracuously developed the ability to write a compelling book review, let alone prose that would make anyone weep.  #goals