Mountain Book Cottage

Good things on the horizon

I am learning that off-season only pertains to how many customers come into the store.  I am just as busy as I have ever been.  I am ordering books, reading and reviewing upcoming books and meeting with authors.  This is all exciting, fun and [to be honest] overwhelming.  But I am super excited about the spring and summer season…so many people to meet, so much fun to be had, and so many great books to share with you!

Also, we will be starting the project to finish the lower level on Monday, February 20th!  This level will be referred to as ‘The Study’ and we cannot wait to unveil the finished result.  The decor will be reminiscent of a home study.  We are aiming for this to be a cozy place to relax, read, meet and enjoy some tea, coffee, etc. from the complimentary beverage bar. We anticipate the lower level opening in Mid-March, so be on the lookout for the announcement on both the website and our Facebook page.

See you soon!