Mountain Book Cottage

Getting it together!

January 27, 2017

It has been almost three months since my first blog post…definitely my bad.  I could not figure out how to update it, so I had to go through training…again.  This time, I made better notes, so more frequent blog posts are in the future. 🙂

There are definitely ups and downs to owning your own business.  And starting a business during the off-season here in Cashiers, NC can be a little soul crushing at times.  Some days, nobody comes into the store.  But the upside is that everyone that has come in has been a pleasure to meet.  Such a diverse and interesting community here.  I am definitely going to have my horizons broadened.  And, I am definitely not sitting on my laurels.  There is still a lot to do in order to get ready for the busy season.  I am still parsing through the 27,000 books we purchased and getting them on the shelves and I am previewing and reviewing a lot of books that will be released in the next few months.  So many books, so little time.  My TBR stacks keep getting taller and taller. Yes, plural.  I have a TBR stack at home and at the store.  🙂  It is a beautiful thing.

We have made a lot of progress though and we are kicking off decorating the lower level in the next couple of weeks, which is really exciting because this is where we will have our book club meetings, book socials, poetry readings, author signings, etc.  We are going to call it ‘The Study’ and it will be ready for debut by May 1st.   A huge thanks to Robin over at Robin’s Nest for the stunning mantle.  It is the center piece for the entire room and really sets the tone.  (Side note: I saw her new merchandise for the upcoming season and the selection is stunning, as usual.)  I saw multiple things that I NEED – okay, really, really WANT – so I need for everyone to buy a lot of books from me in order to supply my habit for really great fashion.)

Also up and running is my Facebook page and my on-line bookstore, which is powered by one of the top publisher/distributors in the world.  The pricing is competitive with Amazon and it offers tens of thousands of titles, journals, college textbooks, audio books, ebooks and everything bookish! So, check it out at and click ‘shop online.’  Support the local business!  We are the ones who invest in the community! And, we are just more fun than those anonymous folks at Amazon.

Make it a great day!